Content Writing/Copy Writing (SEO Tips) & Marketing

Copyrighting is the most significant steps on marketing’s roadmap. It’s the best described art of writing for advertisement or other marketing strategy with the sole of persuading a user to engage with our content or buy our products and services.

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2K1K*1 Hr (Weekdays)*1 Week
2K1K*2.5 Hrs (Weekends)*1 Week

Content/Copy Writing (SEO Tips) & Marketing

  • Introduction to the Course
  • The “AIDA” Formula
  • 11 Tips for Writing Magnetic Headlines
  • How to Flip Features of your Product or Services Into an Idea for your Content Writing
  • Tips to Create an Irresistible Call to Action (CTA)
  • How to Market your Content to get more engagement
  • Role of Social Platforms in the Marketing of your Content and more..
  • Summary
  • Questionnaire and Interview Preparation
  • A good Copywriting starts with knowing the customers and their desires. Further down the pipeline it aims at highlighting company strength and exploiting competitor shortcomings to the benefit of the company.

    What’s in the mind of customers will be finally in hands of customers. So a psychological need is must and a good copywriting can uses words that stay promisingly and positively in customer mind.