Lead Generation Training

Lead Generation Strategy aims at creating an distinctive stimulus to get response from targeted customer group. This program firstly ensure that a brand became conspicuous and striking enough to be recalled by customers.

Regular Course PriceFestive Discount PriceClasses DurationCourse Duration
2K1K*1 Hr (Weekdays)*1 Week
2K1K*2.5 Hrs (Weekends)*1 Week

Lead Generation & Management

  • Introduction to Lead generation?
  • Fundamentals of Sales & Marketing
  • Different ways to generate leads
  • Sales & Marketing Funnel
  • How to generate more leads?
  • How to start lead generation campaigns and
  • Case Studies and more
  • Summary
  • Questionnaire and Interview Preparation
  • Next steps focuses on an dedicated approach to generate interested and curiosity about company product and services. Final step in Lead Generation Program is to prompt customer to use and buy the offered products and services.

    Modern customer’s get too much information form various sources. Classic advertising is not sufficient enough to influence them. LGP strategy optimize the classical approaches and make a swift alignment of user and company.