Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Orm is about using SEO tactics to optimize best possible online search results that help in creating a brand name and positive digital public image.

Regular Course PriceFestive Discount PriceClasses DurationCourse Duration
3K1.5K*1 Hr (Weekdays)*1.5 Weeks
3K1.5K*2.5 Hrs (Weekends)*1.5 Weeks

ORM Syllabus

  • Introduction to ORM
  • What is ORM and its importance for you and your business online
  • What people are Saying about your Business
  • How ORM is important for Major Brands and Companies?
  • Negative Effects of a Bad Online Reputation
  • Positive Effects of a Good Online Reputation
  • How to maintain your Reputation Online
  • Tactics and Activities of a successful ORM Campaign
  • Actively Seek Reviews
  • How to get customer reviews
  • Create content which is positive and in align with the brand
  • Role of microsites
  • Role of Social Platforms in ORM
  • Monitor all conversations associated with your brand online
  • Best ways to respond and interact with clients and people online
  • Why responding and interacting to people and client is important for your business
  • Tools to track your business reputation Online
  • Summary
  • Questionnaire and Interview Preparation