Google Milestones – Since Inception to Present

History has its importance only by keeping the past record of the events which have dramatically affected mankind. It has witnessed the changes that helped in evolution, it was an observer where several kingdoms raised and went into the sand. It has seen people writing letters and using technology to make the task even more easier.

Technology and History always shared a special blend. If we talk about the mother of all information – Google, then it too is no exception. It too passed several mock-ups before presenting an outstanding web tool for the users to seek what they wish to. 

History of Google

Lying just as a string of thought in the mind of Stanford’s doctorate students – Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the students along with their team developed their first search algorithm – BACKRUB in 1996. From time to time, BACKRUB was refined in various other parameters such as  eradicating search engine optimization abuse, providing dynamic updating of results, and making the indexing system rapid and flexible.

Few Google Products and Services
Few Google Products and Services

In between the algorithm development, Google released several user-engaging content like Google News in 2002, Gmail in 2004, Google Maps in 2005, Google Chrome in 2008, and the social network known as Google+ in 2011 (which was shut down in April 2019), in addition to many other products. In 2015, Google became the main subsidiary of the holding company Alphabet Inc.

Google also introduced user personalization feature in 2005 followed by auto-complete feature. Later, the search giant introduced ‘Universal Search’ that gave all sorts of search results along with the text. 

Google in Beginning

Initially, Google was originated as BACKRUB by Larry Page with assistance from Scott Hasan as a lead programmer. Page used to tell his ideas to Hassan who in turn developed ideas into programmes.

Backrub was written in Java and Python and was designed to run on Sun Ultras along with Intel Pentiums running Linux. 

Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 2003
Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 2003

Later, Sergey Brin joined the network to work on Stanford’s Digital Library Project with a goal to develop the enabling technologies for a single, integrated and universal digital library. The project was funded by the National Science Foundation.

Page made a remarkable breakthrough by developing a web crawler in March 1996. Brin and Page together developed the Page Rank algorithm to convert the backlink data gathered for a given webpage into a measurable entity. When Page and Brin analyzed the Backrub output for the given url, they found that a search engine based on Page Rank would produce most effective results. 

Based on these results, the first version of Google was released in August 1996 using nearly half of Stanford’s bandwidth. 

Improved versions of Google

On September 15, 1997, Google got its domain registered and was registered as a company with their friend Susan Wojcicki who later became executive at Google and CEO at Youtube. 

In 1998, Google indexed nearly 60 million pages  while remaining still under the ‘BETA’ version challenging its competitors to work on their search models. With a notion to capitalize, the duo went Excite CEO George Bell in 1999, but Bell straight away rejected the proposal. 

Era of 2000 was the time of acquisitions and mergers for Google. In 2000, Google took an initiative in selling advertisements associated keywords by inducting a combination of price bids and click through. This was already in use with created by Bill Cross. The matter went to court on the grounds of infringement. Google decided to secure the other party’s interest.

In February 2003, Google acquired Pyra Labs thus securing competitive ability gleaned from the blog posts improving the speed and relevance. In 2004, Yahoo stripped the partnership with Google. Here Google got a windfall gain with its own distinctive stand. 

In June 2005, Google valued more than $52 Billion making it one of biggest media companies by stock market value. Till November 2014, Google operated over 70 offices in more than 41 countries. 

Google and Partnerships

Google and Nasa Partnership
Google and Nasa Partnership

Google worked with several organizations especially in the domain of space. Google entered into partnership in 2005 with NASA to develop an advanced lab which will work on developing Ames Research Centre to explore the space more accurately. 

From 2006 to 2017, Google entered into partnerships with several establishments especially in the areas of space and communications. It included creation of, monochrome high resolution Google Earth for Geoeye, allowing pope to have his own channel, and much more.  

Conclusion : Google as Today

Google is still exploring itself and it is still bringing surprises for all of us and will keep binging till the technological innovation remains in existence. 

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