Resurrection of Request Indexing Tool – It’s Webmasters Happy New Year

Google Search Console or GSC  is an integral part of Google as a search engine feature that is expected to produce the productive results for the entered keyword. It is well known that Google picks the results based on the keyword available in the different websites and presents it to the user based on their rankings.

So, it is now clear that the website owners keep updating the web content to appear more competitive. Google manages every website by indexing them with a Request Indexing Tool integrated with GSC.

Request Indexing Tool swifts the information processing possessed by Google and brings the advanced search results.

Why is the Request Indexing Tool buzzing?

Recently, Request Indexing Tool (RIT) service was resumed by Google on this new year 2021 after shutting it for exactly 69 days – October 14, 2020. The exact reason of its withdrawal is still unknown, but post-resuming, RIT conceived better crawling abilities to expedite indexing of several urls in a single go by utilizing sitemap.

Request index tool resurrection

How can Webmasters benefit themselves?

Due to the sudden withdrawal, Webmasters were so far expecting the complete shutdown of the indexing services which was just contrary to Google’s philosophy. Sudden withdrawal of indexing services was never expected.

Returned with more powerful features and increased efficiency the Request Indexing Tool is expected to be loved by the webmasters with a manual request to crawling.

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