SEO – A Promising Career with Great Heights and Never Ending Opportunities

We all have faced a situation in our lives when we are often prompted with a series of questions about our career – What have you thought about your career? Why don’t you look (this) as your career option? Hey! This course has a bright future…..I think you should go for this – and much more till your enlightened soul begins to kick you so hard that you crash land on any of the snack courses and wait for the blue moon of your luck to arrive.

Choosing a career a decade before was not an easy hunt. Only a bunch of professional courses were socially decorated with applauds, while others were just limited to tea-time chatters. 

The scenario got changed when IT industries commenced their operations in this country. All graduated youths were jobbed without being technically strained.

The scenario got completely changed when business carried out the digital way of doing business – say e-com, service industries and govt enterprises.

How SEO was born?

SEO was never into existence before. It was developed by the Google search engine to make the search more easy and predictable. When the businesses opted the digital way of doing the business, the issue that prompted was customer reach and the same issue raised from the customer end on how to each businesses.


SEO made things easy. With Google, a customer can now search for the requirements and get the job done, while the businesses can promote their goods and services without any hassle. 

Evolution of SEO

Search Engine Optimization never remained what it was at the beginning. The optimization process was improved from time to time. For instance, initially when SEO was just the beginner, users content management was a big task to process. The content kept doubling every hour as users were increasing every moment. To deal with it the content was initially classified under different headers followed by use of crawlers and anti-plagiarism thought. 

seo evolution
Evolution of SEO (Img Source –

Now, at this time SEO is trying to work beyond the human comprehensions i.e. at the level of artificial intelligence and brain computing. 

What is the objective of people working behind SEO Algorithm?

It is quite obvious that the brains working behind developing the algorithms for SEO are thinking about a more revolutionizing form of the digital world with an objective of making a secure and swift binary environment for everyone. 

SEO expertise is a long way dedicated to practice and encountering challenging issues. Thinking to develop an  algo may not be a color for your palette, but its implementation can certainly attract outstanding results. It includes getting good traffic on your website, high conversion rates, minimum expenditure on promotions, high yielding rates and much more.

SEO as Career

To pursue SEO as a career, the primary condition is – Interest in internet and dedication towards learning new things. SEO training begins with introducing the SEO background, its timelines, improvisations that took so far in making it perfect in managing the websites.

Seo jobs
SEO Job Opportunities

With key areas like content marketing, keyword research, Link Building, Community Building, SEOs of various sorts Local, Strategic, and Technical, along with lead conversion process gives a broad option to the career seeker. It gives you a chance to familiarize yourself with the audiences, interview them and craft the content appealing their hearts. 

Appeasing audiences is not only what you would get satisfied with. You also get a chance to closely work with a sales team, creative team, and marketing guys. You work on digital skills to bring revenue to the organization which in turn satisfy you by giving higher  packages.  

  • SEO Package

Money IconThe packages for SEOs may vary from beginner to expert and experience to experience. It varies from 2, 40, 000 to 3,24,000 per year for SEO analyst to SEO Strategist with a pay scale of 3,00,000 to 3,60,000. As a candidate moves from lower management, SEO Executive, to the higher management like SEO director, the pay scale also elevates. For instance, the pay scale of SEO managers is ball-parked to 7,40,000 per annum, while that of SEO directors is expected to lie between 9,60,000 to 18,00,000 per annum along with other organizational perks. 

To make the dreams come true there are many institutes engaged in giving SEO training, but most of them are not prepared to instill confidence in their candidates causing their failure and loss in business. Chose your training or coaching institute wisely.

SEO in 2021

Grand and not only grand… is going to be exceptionally marvelous because every second posting in the job portal is hiring SEO experts with fascinating skills. IF you have ever heard of SEO, then thank you luck again, your choice to move into it is really precise.

The new graduates are learning SEO skills to guarantee their future to witness the never-reversing success of the digital age which is destined to leave success imprints on every dawn of the next decade. 


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