What is the difference b/w Facebook Profile and Page?

In Social media Facebook presence is almost indispensable. Individuals willing to reach out to people digitally pan world can do this by creating a Facebook profile and page according to their targets, requirements and expectations.

A Facebook profile needs no introduction while Facebook page is a new to the frame of digital world. A comprehensive understanding of both can make a user decide what they need to fulfill their purpose.

This article will help to understand the determining difference between a Facebook page and Facebook profile and evaluate probable pros and cons.

What is a Facebook Profile?

A Facebook profile is a digital account that is created when you register yourself with Facebook.

fp profile
FB Profile

It helps to connect with your family, friend acquaintances.
At the same time allowing to like and follow organization of interest and join groups. Facebook profile is personal which circles around creating posts, sharing photos and videos, getting updates about everything you are interested in.

What is a Facebook Page?

While Facebook page is a digital presence used by businesses, organizations, NGO’s, and public figures.

fb page
FB Page

A Facebook page help grow, popularize and authenticate a business at lesser costs than other traditional marketing techniques owing to Facebook reach to billions of active users.

Facebook page have business tools, advertisement opportunity that help a page owner to contact to its customers and evaluate the related analytics such as how a FB user interact with their page and their response to their business.


  • A Facebook page help to separate your personal Facebook profile.
  • A Facebook page cannot be created without having a Facebook profile . Facebook link every page to a corresponding Facebook profile.

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