Why My Website Keyword Ranking Drops?

SEO is one of the most important tactic or a strategy in every business customer retention, lead generation or ROI model to sustain and grow in their respective business/service fields. And you get these organic leads and revenue when your website ranks in top positions of Google SERP but when when your SEO ranking start fluctuating to lower positions, business owners and webmasters go in a panic state.

And here comes the most popular and frustrating question in SEO field Why the Hell my Website Ranking drops?

You surely have wondered why there is a lot of fluctuation in the keyword ranking positions for your website almost on daily basis.

Top Reasons why your Website Ranking drops or have been dropped:

  • Manual or Algorithmic Penalty Rank Drop: Google penalizes any website either through manual update or algorithmic-based penalties. The big difference between the Algorithmic & Manual update is former are automatic and usually caused because of the algo or code level changes in the Google existing system, whereas Manual Update is manually applied by a person. To identify the right manual penalty action taken by Google, the user has to check for notifications in the Google Webmaster tool account in ‘Manual Actions’. Here the penalty could be due to;
    • Duplicate Content
    • Spam or Manipulative Link Building

Post doing this work, a reconsideration request must be submitted. The improvement of website ranking may take some time after the reconsideration request is submitted.

  • Knocked by the Competitor: Often sighted as slight drop in rank, while the competitors website outranks the user website. To deal with such type of an dropping threats, a user is recommended to:
    • Watch the content tactics and link building strategies.
    • Re-visit your marketing strategies to stay ahead in rankings.

  • Drifted ranks due to On-Page issues:  Even after putting the best effort and bringing the most creative content of your time, if you are witnessing slow drop in your website rankings then it is clearly the case of on-page issues. To fish out the issues, it is recommended to use Google webmaster Tool. Google Webmaster tool displays on-page errors through different classification which includes Server error, Soft 404, Access Denied, and Not Found.

If the issues are related to broken links or bad internal links, then this could also be fixed by introducing the correct links. The tags related on-page issues are fixed by implementing HTML Improvements feature.

  • Losing Links might be a cause of demoted ranks: If you are observing a drop in your inbound links lately, then this might be a reason for your keyword ranking drop. If those links have been removed by the webmasters intentionally, finding them – irrelevant, than it will be good if you don’t ask them to put it back, as it might give Google an indication that these are unnatural links and can penalize you in the future. In such cases, it is advisable not to ask for those links as Google may penalize you. 

It is advisable to generate high quality backlinks on Good DA and PA websites with minimal spam scores in the first place, to prevent your websites from facing the wrath of the Google.

  • Google Updates the Algorithm: Sometimes when Google releases a new update, the website ranking starts getting affected. To know about it, a user is expected to remain updated regarding such updates from the SEO news websites. Once the new updates are clearly understood, a user can implement them in their website to benefit the website rankings.

  • Google Flux: The best part of the Google Flux is that YOU CANNOT ESCAPE FROM IT. To get a good ranking for your website your website must be free from on-page issues, linking issues, competitor issues and other known issues that may affect the website ranking.  Google Flux could be easily identified by a big drop in GWT. However, the witnessed drop could not remain for long and can be seen improving in the next couple of days.

By working on these points one can easily improve the website rankings and keep performing better in future. 

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